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If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with RL Property Management, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process. : The holiday season is coming upon us rather quickly and it’s important that we take these safety precautions , as we bring out all our lights and decorations to be bright and cheery! Bulbs It’s important to check all bulbs and light strands to make sure they are not... The operating company retains a portion of the rent and manages the property. This means the company finds new tenants and takes care of all maintenance. Oftentimes, the investors will also pool some of the rent to keep paying down debt and meet other obligations if some units are vacant. In some cases, you may see some costs passed on to you – especially where the manager is charging a low monthly percentage. Examples might include an advertising fee in connection with placing a tenant, an annual inspection fee, and some sort of reserve, so that the management company has some cash on hand to take care of unanticipated, but urgent, expenses.wavecrest bronx apartmentsWe conclude that liability does not attach under Local Law 1 unless a landlord has actual or constructive notice that a child under seven resides in the apartment, but that landlords with such knowledge may be charged with notice of dangerous lead , conditions within their buildings. Because a material issue of fact exists here as to whether defendant had notice prior to , receipt of the Order to Abate Nuisance that a child under seven was living in apartment 4C, we remit for further proceedings on that limited issue. Organization Description:RDC Development is a long-term partnership between MDG Design Construction and Wavecrest Management providing residents with a reliable team to develop and maintain high-quality affordable housing focusing on partnerships with NYCHA. In addition to physical construction and maintenance, RDC provides support and programs that allow low-income residents to thrive, including timely responses to building issues, security, liaising with tenants’ associations, partnerships with social service providers, events, and the holistic nurturing of community.apm apartment managementDespite our advanced technology and experienced staff, we are not a corporate property management company. By staying private and local we are able to provide faster, more effective, and more personalized , service to our residents. Our team of professionals consist of principals and managers that oversee important functions of the company, owner liasons with exceptional customer service skills, and support teams that manage accounting, projects, and communications daily. Resolve maintenance requests quicker and increase NOI with streamlined work orders, inspections, and utility management. while protecting your most valued investment. Resolve maintenance requests quicker and increase NOI with streamlined work orders, inspections, and utility management. APM Lettings Limited. Registered number: SC494171. """"""""



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