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Fixed Ics Fusion Final Aroma Zip detrxyl




Please fill out the form below to download the file. NOTE: There are other QX/Final available, ICS Fusion QX/Final-Aroma is my favorite but if you really like to play around with multiple versions. I have only tested with the following (patch) versions. - ICS Fusion 2.0 - ICS Fusion 2.0-IOS7 - ICS Fusion 2.0-ICS 4.0.2 - ICS Fusion 2.0-ICS 4.0.4 - ICS Fusion 2.0-ICS 4.0.5 I have not tested with QX. I only tested with Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4. USERS: I highly recommend that you download the ICS FUSION FINAL with Aroma from Google Drive as is. If you really want to test with other versions, such as 2.0, 2.0-ICS 4.0.2, 2.0-ICS 4.0.4, 2.0-ICS 4.0.5, etc. just go to my Google Drive and just download the ICS FUSION FINAL Aroma for the different ICS versions. If you are going to use this file, remember to change the patch number to your version when you use the patch(before the ICS. NOTE: Some files come with other files, such as the themes(Aroma)/gamethemes(Aroma). The thems are just different themes in a folder. You have to edit them manually. WARNING: Some files are big, so it might take some time to download the file.




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Fixed Ics Fusion Final Aroma Zip detrxyl

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