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If you build it too close to the other kitchen cabinets, your cooking area will feel cramped. And if it’s too high, you and the other inhabitants of your home might have difficulty reaching for objects on the other end. This might be around the same time you start considering : the best refrigeratorthat will perhaps , accompany your island project. Building on the ground also means you have to have enough space for the addition on your property. Even if you think you have the room, make sure the new room wouldnt add too much to the impervious cover percentage, or the amount of ground surface on your property that cant absorb water. Otherwise, you might subject your property to flooding and poor stormwater runoff management. We are a family operated remodeling contractor located in Coastal Orange County, California. Orange County is and has long been our home and we have deep roots here. We are experts in—and are absolutely passionate about—residential design-build. No matter what your specific design-build goals, dont fret, we’ll put our passion and experience to work for you. But don’t just take our word for it—check out our customer reviews and view photos and additional info from projects in each major service category including:average cost for new kitchen cabinets and countertopsWhen it comes to materials, donrsquot forget to factor in delivery charges and allow for lead-in times for items like kitchen units and bathroom suites. Can any existing materials, such as old slates for example, be salvaged and reused or sold?' advises Brian. On average, , a kitchen remodel costs , $100 to $250 per square foot. Most homeowners spend between $12,800 and $21,200, with an average cost of $16,600 or $150 per square foot. Get free instant estimates from kitchen remodelers near you or view our cost guide below. Tell us what you want in your kitchen and get a detailed pricing estimate. New cabinet doors are one of the quickest changes you can make in the kitchen, while still imparting the feeling of a major facelift in one of your favorite rooms. We look at them and open them more often than we realize—and their cost reflects their importance.small kitchen makeover ideasThe ceiling is one of the most often overlooked areas in any room—but adding something to it is an easy way to completely change the feel of your kitchen in no time. "Adding wallpaper to your ceiling is a simple way to add color, pattern, or texture to your kitchen," , says Weinstein. For those who like the look of pressed tin ceilings, numerous companies now even offer metallic wallpaper that mimics the appearance of metal tile, but without the difficult installation process. A desk area was one of my biggest requirements for our new kitchen. Our previous house had one built into the end of the kitchen and I became so spoiled by it! Im in my kitchen so much that it just makes sense to have a desk there, especially because of my blogging. Return on investment: When you sell your house, you may earn about 60% of what you spend on the kitchen remodel. And while that means you’ll spend more than you’ll earn back, you can 1 enjoy that kitchen for a while before selling and 2 potentially sell your home faster with a remodeled kitchen.""""""""



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